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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TAKS Spring 2006 Grade 9 Mathematics Online Test

Read each question. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen. If a correct answer is not here, mark the circle next to the letter for “Not here.”

1The graph of a function is shown below.

If the graph is translated 7 units down, which of the following best represents the resulting graph?


2Points K and L are shown on the grid below.

If point K is the midpoint of JL, what are the coordinates of endpoint J?
F(6, –5)
G(–6, 7)
H(0, 1)
J(–4, 5)

3If a < b and b = c, which statement must be true?
AThe values of a, b, and c are positive.
BThe values of a, b, and c are negative.
CThe value of a is less than the value of c.
DThe value of a is greater than the value of c.

4The drawing below shows both the top view of a solid structure built with identical cubes as well as the number of cubes in each column of the structure.

Which 3-dimensional view best represents the same structure?


5Which inequality best describes the graph shown below?

A y > –x + 5

B y < –x + 5

C y < –x + 5

D y > –x + 5

6Ronald wants to buy a shirt that is on sale for 15% off the regular price. The regular price of the shirt is p dollars. Which expression represents the sale price of the shirt?
Fp − 0.15p
Gp + 0.15p
Hp − 15p

7The horizontal distance and the vertical distance between the pegs on the geoboard shown below each represent 1 unit.

Which is closest to the area of the polygon modeled on the geoboard?
A 34 units 2
B 27 units 2
C 21 units 2
D 17 units 2

8Olga plans to take a trip from her house in San Marcos, Texas, to a friend’s house in Zapata, Texas. She measured the distance between the two places on a map and found it to be 8 inches. If the scale on the map is inch represents 14 miles, which is closest to the actual distance in miles between the two places?
F112 mi
G224 mi
H56 mi
J44 mi

9The net of a cube is shown below. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the dimensions of the cube to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.

Which is closest to the total surface area of the cube represented by this net?
A 74 cm 2
B 11 cm 2
C 43 cm 2
D 12 cm 2

10If (x, –3.2) is a solution to the equation 4x = 5y − 17, what is the value of x?

11A small business purchased a van to handle its delivery orders. The graph below shows the value of this van over a period of time.

Which of the following best describes this situation?
AThe van was purchased for $1,600.
BThe van decreases in value by $1,600 per year.
CThe van increases in value by $1,600 per year.
DThe van has no value after 5 years.

12The graph of a linear function is shown on the coordinate grid below.

If the y-intercept is changed to (0, 5) and the slope becomes –4, which statement best describes the relationship between the two lines when they are graphed on the same coordinate grid?
FThe y-intercepts are 1 unit apart, and the lines are parallel.
GThe y-intercepts are 1 unit apart, and the lines intersect at (1, 1).
HThe y-intercepts are 1 unit apart, and the lines are perpendicular.
JThe y-intercepts are 1 unit apart, and the lines intersect at (1, 0).

13The astronomy club rented a bus to visit the planetarium. The club rented the bus at a rate of $24.95 per day plus $0.45 per mile driven over 50 miles. If the astronomy club rented the bus for 1 day, what additional information is needed to determine the total cost of renting the bus?
AThe total number of students in the astronomy club
BThe number of hours the bus was driven each day
CThe number of days the bus was rented
DThe total number of miles the bus was driven

14Mrs. Lee bought a small rectangular box that contains 10 tightly packaged erasers shaped like rectangular prisms, as shown below.

What is the approximate volume in cubic centimeters of this rectangular box?
F 19 cm 3
G 97 cm 3
H 192 cm 3
J 513 cm 3

15The table below shows various values for x and y.

Which equation best describes the relationship between x and y?
Ay = –3x + 5
By = –5x – 7
Cy = –x + 17
Dy = 3x + 41

16Tammy drew a floor plan for her kitchen, as shown below.

Which expression represents the area of Tammy’s kitchen floor in square units?
F 6x 2 + 30x + 5
G 6x 2 + 13x + 5
H 10x + 12
J 5x + 6

17What is the slope of the line that contains the coordinate points (8, –3) and (–2, 7)?

A –1




18Mr. Rivera wants to build a barbed-wire fence containing 5 rows of barbed wire around the irregularly shaped area shown in the drawing below.

Mr. Rivera wants to purchase rolls of barbed wire that contain 1380 linear feet of wire per roll and purchase an extra 500 linear feet of wire for a gate for the fence. Which of the following is a correct method for Mr. Rivera to calculate the total number of rolls of barbed wire he will need to purchase?
FDetermine the area of the property, multiply by 5, and then divide by the sum of 1380 and 500
GDetermine the perimeter of the property, multiply by 5, add 500, and then divide by 1380
HDetermine the area of the property, multiply by 5, add 500, and then divide by 1380
JDetermine the perimeter of the property, multiply by 5, and then divide by the sum of 1380 and 500

19Which of the following ordered pairs is the x-intercept or the y-intercept of the function 2xy = 8?
A(8, 0)
B(0, 4)
C(4, 0)
D(0, 8)

20ΔAHP ~ ΔENK as shown below.

Which scale factor was used to transform ΔAHP to ΔENK?




21If a wheel spins at a rate of 36 revolutions per minute, how many revolutions per hour does the wheel spin?

Record your answer in the space below. Be sure to use the correct place value.

(Your answer must be between 0 and 9999.)

22Which graph below best represents the linear parent function?


23Look at the drawing shown below.

If ΔKMP is a right triangle formed by the placement of 3 squares, what is the area of the shaded square?
A 135 in. 2
B 24 in. 2
C 66 in. 2
D 81 in. 2

24The integers 1881, 353, 2002, and 787 are palindrome integers. Which of the following is also a palindrome integer?

25In many parades, flowers are used to decorate the floats. The table below shows the number of flowers used in each row of a parade float.

Which equation best describes these data?
An = 2r + 52
Bn = r + 54
Cn = 4r + 50
Dn = 4r + 54

26If the dimensions of a rectangle are doubled, which of the following best describes an effect on the rectangle?
FThe new area will be 2 times as large as the original area.
GThe new area will be 8 times as large as the original area.
HThe new perimeter will be 4 times as large as the original perimeter.
JThe new perimeter will be 2 times as large as the original perimeter.

27Harris has $20.92 to spend on video-game rentals at a local video store. The store charges $3.95 per video-game rental plus an 8.125% tax. What is the maximum number of video games that Harris can rent?

28When Memorial Elementary held its annual spring festival, Benjamin surveyed 100 students to see which activity they preferred. The graph below shows the results of Benjamin’s survey.

Which of the following statements is supported by these data?
FClose to half the students surveyed preferred either the moon walk or the dunking booth.
GMore than 25% of the students surveyed preferred the pony ride or the pie toss.
HThe ratio of students who preferred musical chairs to the pie toss was 1:3.
JMore students preferred musical chairs than preferred all the other activities combined.

29Ms. Díaz asked each of her 27 statistics students to write down an integer from 1 to 10. To determine the most common number the students picked, which measure of central tendency should Ms. Díaz use?

30Mr. Ross is purchasing a table and chairs for $1350, including tax and interest. He will pay for the furniture with monthly payments of $75. If Mr. Ross has made m payments, which equation best describes r, the amount of the remaining balance?
Fr = (1350 − 75)m
Gr = 75m + 1350
Hr = 1350 − 75m
Jr = 75m − 1350

31The student council members are making decorative labels to cover 20 identical empty coffee cans for a charity drive. Each label will cover the entire lateral surface area of a can.

Which is closest to the lateral surface area of a single coffee can?
A 186 in. 2
B 157 in. 2
C 195 in. 2
D 128 in. 2

32The perimeter of a rectangular wooden deck is 90 feet. The deck’s length, l, is 5 feet less than 4 times its width, w. Which system of linear equations can be used to determine the dimensions, in feet, of the wooden deck?
F2l + 2w = 90
l = 5 – 4w
G2l + 2w = 90
l = 5w – 4
H2l + 2w = 90
l = 4 – 5w
J2l + 2w = 90
l = 4w – 5

33The graph below shows the relationship between the distance in miles a delivery truck traveled and the number of hours each delivery took.

Which best describes the relationship shown on the graph?
ANegative trend
BPositive trend
CConstant trend
DNo trend

34 Which expression represents the area of a rectangle with sides measuring 2x 2 y 4 z units and 5xy 4 z 3 units?
F 7x 2 y 8 z 3 units 2
G 7x 3 y 8 z 4 units 2
H 10x 3 y 8 z 4 units 2
J 10x 2 y 8 z 3 units 2

35Mr. Carpenter built a wooden gate, as shown below.

Which is closest to the length in feet of the diagonal board that Mr. Carpenter used to brace the wooden gate?
A4.9 ft
B5.3 ft
C6.1 ft
D6.9 ft

36Heidi has a main-course choice of a hamburger, a hot dog, an egg roll, a taco, a fish sandwich, or a chicken sandwich. She has a side-order choice of french fries, corn chips, potato chips, or a salad. Heidi’s beverage choice can be a soda, fruit punch, milk, or water. Which is the best method to determine how many different combinations Heidi could choose?
FAdd the total number of items in the 3 categories together
GMultiply the total number of main-course choices by the total number of side-order choices and add the product to the total number of beverage choices
HMultiply the sum of the total number of main-course choices and the total number of side-order choices by the total number of beverage choices
JMultiply the total number of items in each of the 3 categories together

37The graph below represents Lynne’s car trip from her house to the mall and then back to her house.

If each section of the graph represents part of Lynne’s trip, which part of the trip took the least amount of time?

38Brandon has a budget of $58 to spend on clothes. The shirts he wants to buy are on sale for $9 each, and the pair of pants he wants costs $21. All prices include tax. Which inequality could be used to determine s, the maximum number of shirts Brandon can buy if he also buys the pair of pants?
F21s + 9 <>
G9s + 21 58
H30s <>
J9s − 21 58

39Which point on the grid below best represents the coordinates ?

APoint K
BPoint M
CPoint R
DPoint U

40ΔLMN has vertices L (a, b), M (r, s), and N (u, v). What will be the new coordinates of point M if the triangle is translated 7 units to the right and 3 units down?
F(r + 3, s − 7)
G(r + 7, s − 3)
H(r − 7, s + 3)
J(r − 3, s + 7)

41To find c, the total cost of an order of DVDs from a certain website, the equation c = 19.99n + 4.99 can be used, where n represents the number of DVDs ordered. If c is a function of n, which of the following best describes this relationship?
AThe value of n is constant in relation to c.
BThe value of n is dependent on c.
CThe value of c is constant in relation to n.
DThe value of c is dependent on n.

42Mrs. Shawnee wants to buy fresh cherries to make some cherry pies for the school bake sale. The table below shows the sale prices of fresh cherries at 4 local markets.

According to the table, which market has the best sale price per cup of cherries?
FRosie’s Fruit Stand
GFruits and More
HNicky’s Fruit Store
JFreshly Picked Fruits

43Narong’s family bought 3 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 2 pairs of shoes. Each shirt cost $18, and each pair of shoes cost $35. The jeans were marked down from their original price of $40. What other information, if any, is needed to find the total cost of the 7 items before tax?
AThe percent markdown for the shirts
BThe original price of the jeans
CThe percent markdown for the jeans
DNo additional information is needed.

44ΔMNQ is similar to ΔMLP.

If ML = 10 centimeters, what is the length of MN?
F6.25 cm
G8.3 cm
H7.5 cm
J4 cm

45A jar contains 6 red marbles and 10 blue marbles, all of equal size. If Dominic were to randomly select 1 marble without replacement and then select another marble from the jar, what would be the probability of selecting 2 red marbles from the jar?




46 The graph of the function y = x 2 − 3 is shown below.

If the graph of the original function is shifted 5 units up, which of the following equations best represents the translation of each point on the curve?
F y = x 2 + 5
G y = x 2 + 2
H y = x 2 − 2
J y = x 2 − 8

47What is the simplified form of ?




48The drawing below shows a solid with hexagonal bases.

Which drawing best represents the top view of this hexagonal solid?




49Line t intersects parallel lines l1 and l2, as shown below.

According to the information provided, which of the following pairs of angles are not always congruent?
ASame-side interior angles 4 and 5
BAlternate interior angles 3 and 5
CCorresponding angles 2 and 6
DVertical angles 5 and 7

50The table below shows the number of student absences for the school year in Mr. Cruz’s math classes.

Which of the following graphs best represents the data shown in the table?


51Look at the graph below.

Which is the best interpretation of this graph?
AJorge earns $20 for each hour worked.
BFor every 10 pieces of candy Stacey buys, she pays $1.
CFor every 10 students at a dance, 2 teachers are needed as chaperones.
DA runner runs at a constant rate of 2 miles every 30 minutes.

52A florist plans to sell bouquets for $25 each. He wants to use only roses and carnations in each bouquet and needs to charge the following amount for each type of flower.
$1.50 per rose

$1.25 per carnation
Which of these combinations of roses and carnations will result in bouquets that the florist can sell for exactly $25 each?
I. 18 roses and 2 carnations
II. 6 roses and 10 carnations
III. 10 roses and 8 carnations
IV. 5 roses and 14 carnations
FI and II only
GII and III only
HIII and IV only
JI and IV only

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