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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free ACT Practice Tests, Preparation & Test Tips

Free ACT Test Preparation
ACT provides a paid online course to prepare for the ACT test, along with a free ACT practice tests and online guides that will help you prepare for your upcoming ACT test. Online guides provided by ACT are official and provide actual test questions and answers so you can quiz yourself.

Preparing For The ACT Test

This official guide from ACT provides you with a full length printable ACT practice test along with general tips to better prepare for taking the ACT test. This ACT practice test kit includes practice for the writing section and information about the optional writing test. Tips to help improve your score and an overview what to expect on your test day are provided. Also includes test taking strategies and suggestions to prepare for the test. Printable.

ACT Practice Questions Online

This online tutorial presents you with sample test questions to answer. After reviewing a question, you select the answer and you are immediately presented with a pop up box that displays if your answer was correct or not. An explanation of the question's answer is also provided.

Practice ACT test questions are provided for English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing. The essay writing section provides sample essays along with an explanation of the scoring based on that sample.

General Test Taking Tips

This ACT guide provides test taking strategies to improve your score.

Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips

Test tips for English, Math, Reading & Science.

About Using A Calculator

Find out if you can find a calculator during your test.

What To Do Before Your ACT Test Day
Be sure to read these instructions at least a couple days before your test day so you are not rushed and are can anticipate what to expect when you get ready for the test. Most test center times are at 8am, so you should take the day before to relax and finalize anything left to be done before your test. Good test taking skills and understanding what to expect can help improve your score.

Quick Guide To Preparing For Taking The ACT Test
ACT provides free test preparation materials. There are several steps to prepare for your test. Perhaps the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with what to expect on the day of the test. Lets get started with what preparing yourself for the day of the ACT Test includes.

1) Read Test Instructions

Test Booklet Instructions

Writing Test Instructions

2) Review Test Day Procedures

Test Day Procedures

Quick Test Day Tips

About Your Admission Ticket

ID You Will Need At Test Center

3) Find Out What Is Prohibited

What Will Get You Dismissed

Do You Have The Right Calculator

Writing Test Tips To Do Better

How to prepare for writing during your essay test.

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