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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Samples: Guided Reading Phonics Vocabulary Fluency More Resources

Guided Reading

English Leveled Readers

Mom and I (Level A, nonfiction)

Get In (Level C, nonfiction)

The Mitten (Level D, fiction)

The Disappearing Moon (Level J, fiction)

Tian Tian, a Giant Panda (Level I, nonfiction)

How Zebras Got Their Stripes (Level K, fiction)

The Story of Jeans (Level M, nonfiction)

About Trees (Level P, nonfiction)

Cali and Wanda Lou (Level T, fiction)

A Big League for Little Players (Level S, nonfiction)

Mirroring Miranda (Level V, fiction)

Seeing the Evidence (Level X, nonfiction)


Read Aloud Books

Toby the Tiger (Consonant Tt /t/)

Sound/Symbol Books

Sound/Symbol T

Decodable Books

Chip the Chimp (Ch Consonant Digraph)

Nat's Cat (Word Families -at, -ap)

Download Book


Vocabulary Books

My Clothes

High Frequency Word Books

They Look (High-frequency words: for, they)


Fluency Passages

City Park in the Fall (Level J)

Some Facts to Chew On (Level Y)

Reader's Theater Scripts

Can You Say Pterodactyl? (Level J)

More Resources

Pocket Books

Tian Tian, a Giant Panda (Level I, nonfiction)

Word Smith, Private I (Level V, fiction)


Ocean Poems

The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Nursery Rhymes)

Comic Books

Where's Hort?

Wordless Books

The Mitten (Level D)

Alphabet Books

Letter S

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