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Saturday, August 4, 2007


8th Grade Math SOL Questions: con tải file *.pdf về in ra rồi làm, có trang cuối cùng có đáp án.

This web page is designed to assist teachers who are integrating technology into their curriculum. Just click on any site that you wish to go to and it will take you there.

Virginia Graduation and Requirements

This site is linked to the Newport News Public School home page. It gives details about the types of diplomas available in Newport News and the SOL requirements that need to be met for each diploma.


See the division dates where testing can affect your class.


SOL Question and Answers

Here one can see commonly asked questions and their responses.


Find out previous questions from these sites.

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5th Grade Math SOL Questions

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8th Grade Math SOL Questions

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Algebra I SOL Questions

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Geometry SOL Questions

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Algebra II SOL Questions

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Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment Testing Blueprints

Here one can find the blueprints from which the SOL questions are generated. To find your subject, click on this site and scroll down for the appropriate subject and grade.

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers (K-12)

This site helps teachers align the curriculum to the SOLs. For more information click here.

Other Useful Sites

Need Graph Paper ? Say no More! This site contains several types of graph paper including rectangular and polar. Click on a specific site and you can print it directly onto a sheet of paper.

Worksheets Galore! This site is very useful when reinforcing previous lessons taught. It contains hundreds of worksheets and other rather interesting items. Check it out for yourself. It’s called .

An Euphoria for Math Teachers

Talk about your one stop web site. This page has it all. Some of the topics include (but are not limited to)

1. Resource List of Organizations with names, addresses and e-mails

2. Websites including lesson plans, calculator help, tech info etc…

3. Bibliography of recommended books to enhance one’s professional development

Figure This

Figure This! revolves around mathematics challenges. The web site

will provide an interactive opportunity for families to solve excitingmathematics challenges.

The Geometry Center

This site is updated regularly and contains useful materials

for teachers at almost every level.


Need a puzzle, maze, word search etc. to introduce or reinforce the SOL

objective? If so, check out the Puzzlemaker Web Site. From this site, you can

generate crossword puzzles, cryptograms, letter tiles, word searches, mazes,

number blocks, math squares and fallen phrases. Most of the puzzles

offered by this site can be easily adapted for all subject areas

and SOL objectives.

K-8 Education Place Math Center

This site contains math-related resources that include Professional Development, Intervention, Data Place, Brain Teasers, textbook support, math links, and projects.

Ask Dr. Math

Submit a math question, search the archives by school level and

mathematics area, or find answers to classic problems. This site covers everything from basic math to calculus.

Inside this site, one can go get extra practice, ask an expert, use

calculators and tools with problems, play games and use homework help.

TEAM PROJECTS Looking for a content area project or a contest for your classroom? Join a TEAMS project or browse a list of projects and contests sponsored by other organizations.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles This site has lots of puzzles and interesting activities to help hook students into learning math.

Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator This site assists teachers by helping them change boring lessons to interactive and critical thinking activities. Students can use this site for homework help, tutorials, free downloads, games, & more!

Education World Free Internet search engine designed

to navigate more than 50,000 education related sites.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics The NCTM is a

place where educators are encouraged to change their rote teaching

ways to technological and information processing. Here you will find everything that you will need.

Integrating Math &Science Curriculum Gives ideas for integrating math and science curriculum.

Resources, games, lesson plans Need I say more??? offers educators mathematics activities, homepages for courses, lesson plans and monthly newsletters containing teaching ideas.

Daily Lesson Plan: Mathematics, from the New York Times, is a collection of real –life news based problems that apply to grades 6-12 mathematics.

Ohio Math Works uses interactive multimedia to show grades 7 – 9 students how industry professionals use mathematics in their careers.

The Excellent Adventure is a mathematics-bases, cross-curricular virtual tour from Philadelphia, Pa. to Orlando, Fl. Students estimate and calculate their vacation expenses as they “visit” historical and literary sites along the way. offers interactive activities designed to help students, parents and teachers increase students’ interest and success in mathematics.

MATHguide offers free lessons, mathematics news, a help center and more for students, teachers and parents.

Platonic Realms features a daily mathematics challenge, humor and a searchable encyclopedia of mathematical terms.

Math Matters, part of Creative Classroom Online, offers mathematics activities submitted online or taken from past and present issues of Creative Classroom, a magazine for grades K – 8 teachers.

Mrs. Lorrie Blood is a mathematics teacher at Woodside High School in Newport News, VA. She has numerous mathematics links. Her links include, but are not limited to:

College Board Web Site

Dave’s Short Trig Course

Mathematics of Cartography

The Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section

AP Calculus Problems and solutions, history of mathematics

AP Calculus tutorial, real world explanations and examples

A site that applies mathematics and the language of numbers to everyday, decisions making situations

Math information from algebra to Calculus

Information about geometry and geometry formulas

Solving Calculus Problems

Formulas and activities for Geometry.

Made by Aaron Smith Updated on February 8, 2003

Special Thanks go to Mrs. Martha Askew and Lorrie Blood for the additional websites!

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